Thursday, July 01, 2004

Prison Planet Daily News Digest 

Alex Jones Interviews Phil Jayhan

Alex interviews Phil Jayhan of the popular website http://letsroll911.org - on the evidence of pod missiles on Flight 175 and the shootdown of Flight 93.


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MSN Money Website Asks: Would You Have An RFID Chip Implanted In Your Body?

Microsoft's MSN Money website is currently running a poll asking its readers if they would voluntarily have an RFID tracking chip implanted in their body.



Captured "Taliban Commanders" Turn Out To Be Government Officials

The US military in Afghanistan is confronted with an embarrassing situation following the realisation that the two men in its custody were Afghan government officials from Helmand province rather than top Taliban commanders as claimed by it earlier.



Strange Relations: George Bush and John Kerry



Alex Jones Interviews John Breeding Ph.D.

Alex interviews John Breeding Ph.D. on the forced drugging of our children and Bush's 'New Freedom' program to screen the whole population for mental illness.


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US plans huge show of force in Pacific

The United States is planning a massive show of force in the Pacific Ocean near China to register a point with Beijing.



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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Prison Planet Daily News Digest 

SPECIAL REPORT: Car Bombings in Iraq: Covert US Intelligence Black-ops?

The car bombs that have plagued Iraq for months have baffled many trying to understand the insurgency the U.S. Occupation faces. MEMBERS ONLY, SUBSCRIBE at http://prisonplanet.tv/subscribe.html



Call Girls and Strippers Readed For Republican Convention

With thousands of Republicans set to invade the city this summer, high-priced escorts and strippers are preparing for one grand old party.



Ashcroft calls for tougher Patriot Act

Among other provisions, Ashcroft is asking Congress to allow judges to impose the death penalty for those convicted of terrorist activities that do not now have death penalty specifications.



Supreme Court ruling foreshadows police state

Welcome to Gulag Amerika, home of the shredded Constitution.



Eyewitness Reports of Explosions and Bombs in the Twin Towers

Multiple reports of bombs and explosions from people who were there on the day of 9/11.



Long Debunked "Rumor" Validated by Giuliani

FEMA in NYC prior to 9-11 for Project TRIPOD terror drill, scheduled for 9-12



Is the Rick Gibney Flight 93 Story a Hoax?



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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

9/11: The Great Illusion by George Humphrey 

9/11: The Great Illusion by George Humphrey

This important film will help open your friends' and family's eyes to the great illusion that the mainstream media has created around the September 11th attacks. The narrative of facts reinforced by visual evidence, poignant images and original music will compel the viewer to leave the old explanation behind and move toward a greater awareness of the New World Order.

"This is one of the best 9/11 films I've ever seen. It covers the broad spectrum of facts exposing the globalists' orchestration of 9/11." -- Alex Jones

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