Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Militarization Not Exploration: Bush's Moon/Mars Program Is About Space Empire 

Militarization Not Exploration: Bush's Moon/Mars Program Is About Space Empire

Paul Joseph Watson

Bush's upcoming announce ment of a return to the Moon and a trip to Mars is obviously an election
PR stunt but it goes much deeper than that.

NASA is not an independent organization devoted to peacefully exploring space; it’s a criminal arm
of the federal government. Most of the funds don’t go into space exploration; they go into
warmongering and installing brain-scanners at Boston-Logan airport. This isn't about peaceful exploration
of the atmosphere, it's about making it quicker and easier to bomb broken-backed third world

The focus on militarization of and not exploration of space is why the safety record of NASA has
been so dismal.

The space shuttle program is 90% controlled by private military contractors and it was Clinton who
began this process of privatization back in 1996 when he gave Boeing and Lockheed Martin free
reign to spend money without any oversight. These military contractors have been spending that money
on classified space warplanes like Aurora.

As soon as they got into power, the Bush administration began appointing directors of NASA from
the military sector.

The documents have been leaked which talk of “Full Spectrum Dominance” in the near-earth
atmosphere. Rumsfeld thinks it necessary in order to 'avoid another Pearl Harbor'. Where did we hear this
before? The PNAC documents which laid out the doctrine of pre-emption also talk at length about the
bloodthirsty urge of neo-cons to turn the serene portrait of space into a military battleground.

The plan, leaked in June of last year, is to create a military empire in space with the idea of
claiming ownership of near-earth space and not allowing any other countries access. In development
are a whole fleet of Aurora space planes that will have the mission of destroying any satellites
put into orbit by other nations.

The documents betray the fact that the lunar base which Bush will announce will simply be a
military outpost.

So they’re basically going to tear up the 1967 space treaty and have all this set in motion by

This is nothing to do with exploring space, it’s about militarizing space. And your tax dollars
are going towards the New World Order’s next colony, their next empire.

For the warmongers, space is the final frontier.


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