Monday, October 20, 2003

Propaganda Matrix: Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Assassination 

Propaganda Matrix: Princess Diana Predicted Her Own Assassination

British newspapers today broke the astounding story of how Princess Diana wrote that she would be killed in an incident made to look like a car accident ten months before her death.


The princess predicted: “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous.” She said "XXXXXXXXXXX is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”.

The blanked out 'xxxxxxx' is very likely to be MI5/MI6, who also recently did the dirty work of finishing off David Kelly.

When Paul Burrell, Diana's former butler first hit the headlines last year I knew he still had something to say about Diana's death. It was likely that Burrell sought to wrap himself in as much publicity as possible to protect himself against a similar fate.

Of course we've known for years that Diana's death couldn't have been anything but an assassination.

- The unscheduled journey through the symbolic Pont de L'Alma tunnel (an ancient Pagan sacrificial site) took Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed AWAY FROM their intended destination, Dodi's flat.

- Just before the car entered the tunnel every police radio in Paris mysteriously died, preventing a quick response which could have saved Diana's life.

- Just before the car entered the tunnel every security camera in the tunnel mysteriously died, preventing us from ever seeing footage of what caused the crash.

- Eyewitnesses reported snipers and gunfire within the tunnel.

These are just a few snippets from a mountain of evidence that this was an old-school hit.

Diana was killed because she was pregnant with Dodi's child and the British Royal Family didn't want an Arab in their sacred bloodline. Diana herself remarked to reporters that there would be 'a big surprise' from her a few days before her death.

US Spy Tapes Reveal Diana Was Pregnant


EXPLOSIVE tapes on the secret life of Princess Diana will prove that she was pregnant and intended to marry Dodi Al Fayed, it was claimed last night.

American secret agents regularly monitored Diana's conversations and collated 1,000 secret documents using its "spy in the sky", the National Security Agency.

They were obtained by its Echelon satellite surveillance system and contain highly sensitive material including her marriage plans, her views on Prince Philip, who was known to be highly critical of her, and new details of her love affair with James Hewitt. Now, lawyers acting for Mohamed Al Fayed are trying to obtain the tapes through America's Freedom of Information Act.

They hope to present the evidence at Diana's inquest, which is expected to take place next year.

The covert monitoring was controlled from the ultra-secret NSA base at Menwith Hill in the north of England during the last weeks of Diana's affair with Dodi.

A spokesman for Dodi's father, Mohamed Al Fayed, the millionaire owner of Harrods, said: "Mr Al Fayed believes that those intercepts will reveal conversations in which Princess Diana discussed her engagement to Dodi and her pregnancy.

Of course, this wasn't the only reason. Diana was a painful thorn in the side of the elitists with her ability to take any issue and immediately bring it to the forefront of public attention. In a way she was like David Kelly, a disgruntled former employee who knew too much and had too big a chip on her shoulders to be tolerated.

I look forward to the long-awaited inquest and further revelations from the brave Paul Burrell to further destroy the establishment media's wild and unsusbstantiated theory that Diana's death was an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Keep your eyes open and turn the television off.
Paul Joseph Watson.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Cafe Press Censor Propaganda Matrix T-shirt For 'Offensive Content' 

Cafe Press Censor Propaganda Matrix T-shirt For 'Offensive Content'

Cafe Press.com, the online distributor which allows people to design their own T-shirts has banned a Propaganda Matrix.com T-shirt which lists evidence that the US government was involved in the 9/11 attacks. The images were censored due to 'offensive content'.

Please follow the link for info on how you can help!


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