Thursday, June 26, 2003

Propaganda Matrix.com Newsletter: 26th June 2003 

New Website Design

The template for the new website design is finished and I'm now in the process of adding all the information. Obviously there is a lot to add so we're looking at launching it a week on Monday. There is going to be a stack of new stuff and it will all be better organized and easier to both navigate for you and operate for me. Once the new site is launched this newsletter will mainly concentrate on my news commentary in a blog type format. Stay tuned.

Help Needed

We are compiling a massive audio and video archive, firstly concentrating on September 11. Please forward all September 11 audio and video links to newstips@propagandamatrix.com. It doesn't matter if they're old or new - so long as it's related to September 11 send it along.

Subscriptions Coming For Prison Planet

Alex Jones' http://www.prisonplanet.com has exploded in popularity and because we host a lot of audio and video the bandwidth has gone through the roof. Therefore we will be going to a subscription format for some of the audio and video but don't worry because it will be very cheap and a lot of the stuff will remain free. Most of Alex's videos are on there so it's a wonder he sells any! This is how you can support his while having access to exclusive content. All the new audio and video we're adding to Propaganda Matrix will remain completely free.

Please Support Our Sponsors

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Propaganda Matrix.com Newsletter: 24th June 2003 

Item 1 Hackers

We had a few problems with someone sending out E mails in the 'paul@propagandamatrix.com' name but thankfully these seem to have stopped now.

Item 2 New Design

There is a new design for the website which will be coming soon. I wanted to get away from the tired black background format and go for something more professional and slick. Rest assured, the content will be the same if not better. I will be keeping important stuff on the main page for longer. I can't really put a time on when all this will be finished but it will take at least another 10 days to get everything sorted. I'll be offering small ads on the main page for dirt cheap prices. You could plug your website and get thousands of hits while supporting our activities.

Item 3 KNXA Radio

I was a guest on Frank Whalen's 'The X' on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed the interview. KNXA is based in Fairbanks, Arkansas. Frank still hasn't come to terms with the fact that Bush is 100% NWO but his style is reminiscent of Jeff Rense and I'm sure his show will continue to grow.

Item 4 My Book

My book - Order Out of Chaos - seems to have been dragging on forever even though I finished writing it over 2 months ago. I had to change publisher because I got royally screwed by Dandelion Books but AJP (Alex Jones Publishing) assure me that it's a matter of weeks before it will be released.

Item 5 Today's News

More news on the EU constitution today. Blair keeps saying that they're not creating a superstate but read the actual constitution itself and it states clearly that member states have to aquiese to the Globalists in every sector of domestic and foreign policy. I will be doing a full analysis of the EU Constitution when I get the
website finished.

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Item 6 Our Sponsors

Please support our sponsors because they will only renew advertising if you buy their products. If you purchase 'Spyware Nuker' at http://hop.clickbank.net/?propmatrix/trekblue8 it counts as a $10 donation to the website.

I bought it myself and you'd be surprised how much crap is in your computer that you didn't even know was there. I found everything from porn cookies (and no I don't visit porn sites otherwise I wouldn't be admitting that!) to adware cookies (building a dossier on you for Total Information Awareness) to dodgy nameless things that looked like government trackers.

Again, if it was a piece of shit I wouldn't be advertising it but it's not.


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